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Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Fayetteville, NC New Home

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While the spring and summer months are usually regarded as prime home maintenance seasons, winter is actually a great time to complete many different tasks inside and outside of your home.  These ideas will keep your home running smoothly and could potentially save money on your energy bills.  Read on for tips on taking care of your Fayetteville, NC new home during the chilly months!


Have your heat system looked over and repaired if necessary.  It will run more efficiently if it is clean and in tip-top shape.  This is also a good time to have a technician ensure you aren’t susceptible to carbon monoxide leaks.  If your ceiling fans have a reverse blade option, winter is a great time to change the setting to help keep your rooms warm.  Proper blade position and counter-clockwise rotation can help push warm air down into the room, and help with your heating bill. 


Examine your roof for damaged, loose, or missing shingles.  Repairing your roof before a big winter storm will decrease the likelihood of leaks or heat escaping from inside your home.  If you have a flat roof, rake or blow off leaves and pine needles regularly.  These materials hold-in extra moisture that can damage your roof.  Also be sure to clean leaves, sticks and pine straw from your gutters.   


Caulk around windows and doors.  This will prevent heat from escaping your home, and seals around all windows and doors should be checked periodically.  


Drain exterior faucets and divert water from your home.  Undrained water can freeze and cause pipes to bust.  Drain the water from all hoses and store for the winter.  Purchase downspout extensions to divert water three to four feet away from the foundation of your home.  Be sure to drain your water irrigation system as well, if necessary.


Wait until late winter to prune trees and shrubs.  This allows enough time for the growth to remain dormant before spring begins.  Also, consult your owner’s manual for proper storage of your lawn mower during the winter season.


Have your fireplace checked-out.  Before you curl up next to the fireplace for the next several weeks, make sure the fireplace and gas logs are well-maintained.  Inspect your fireplace regularly to make sure there are no cracks in the logs, liners, or burners. Bob Villa has some great tips for taking care of your fireplace, no matter which type you have.


Stock up on winter supplies.  Gather salt for walkways, a proper snow shovel, and an emergency kit well in advance of the winter season.  It is always better to be prepared!


Winter can be a beautiful time of year!  It can also become a stressful and expensive season if your home is not properly maintained.  We have beautiful new homes in our new home community that are warm and cozy!  Check out our available homes in Fayetteville, NC and schedule a visit with us.



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