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Six Reasons Why Buying A New Home Is Better

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Trying to decide between buying a new construction home or one that had been previously owned? Are you unsure of the difference? There are a ton of benefits to buying new. Here’s a list of our top six reasons why you should buy new.


  1. Updated Aesthetics- New homes are designed with the latest trends and include updated lighting, cabinets, countertops, flooring, trim.  A pre-owned home will likely need upgrades to improve its aesthetic appeal or functionality.
  2. Improved and Innovative Floor Plans- New homes represent the latest in floor plan designs.  Open layouts and thoughtful room design creatively and efficiently utilize a home’s space, unlike pre-owned homes that featured dated plans. Buying new will help you avoid wall removal and major re-construction.
  3. New Materials and Products- A pre-owned home has many products that could soon need replacing such as a roof, foundation materials, or a water heater.  With a new home, you’ll have fresh products all under warranty that you won’t need to be concerned with replacing or updating for several years –or even decades.
  4. Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality- Homes built today are more energy efficient and are therefore offer more cost saving than older homes.  Many new homes include HERS ratings from organizations like ecoSelect. This rating system and third party certification means owners realize actual savings in energy costs and a healthier environment for living. 
  5. Low Maintenance and Stronger - New homes are specifically engineered to require less maintenance and to be stronger than pre-owned homes.  Using stronger, cutting-edge materials with fewer harmful chemicals or substances is standard in new home production.  
  6. That Fresh, New Home Feeling- You want your home to feel like your dream, not someone else’s leftovers.  A pre-owned home is a picture of a previous owner’s choices and wishes.  A new home allows you and your family to make your own memories with a fresh start, without that lived-in feel.


If you are looking for new homes in Fayetteville, NC, consider visiting our new home community, River Glen.  Perfect for families, River Glen is conveniently located to Fort Bragg, and all that Fayetteville, NC has to offer.  Contact us for more information or to schedule a visit.

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