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Home Maintenance Tips And Tricks

Published by anonymous

Just like we all need periodical physical checkups or our cars need oil changes and tune-ups, your home should be maintained throughout the year.  Keeping up with all those tasks can seem daunting, but we’ve found a few checklists you can read through to create your own home maintenance schedule. 

Whether you are looking for a basic list to get you started, a seasonal list to keep you on track, or a detailed maintenance list, a little organization goes a long way toward keeping a beautifully maintained home.  We’ve also pulled out a few summer tasks you can do this weekend to help keep your home running smoothly.

Clean and repair deck, patio, and/or porch.  Give it a good wash, maybe re-stain.  Secure any loose boards or posts.

Check and clean out exhaust vents to the exterior of your home.  Ensure the exhaust from your dryer is making it outside.  If not, check for blockages.  You may need a long, flexible vacuum tool to clean dryer lent.  Also, walk around the outside of your home and periodically open the vents from your crawlspace. 

Prune trees and outdoor plants.  It is self-explanatory, but routine maintenance and clean up of your outdoor plants is essential to their growth and health.

Give all appliances a good scrub, inside and out.  Remove dust and any build up of any kind.  This includes refrigerator coils.

Deep clean kitchen and bathroom drains.  Add half a cup of baking soda and half cup of vinegar to the drain.  Let it sit for 10 minutes, then rinse with boiling water.

Clean out the garage and get rid of old items.  This is a great activity to get the kids involved in helping around the house.  Spend a Saturday morning going through the garage and make “keep piles” and “donation piles”.  You could even have a garage sale and plan something fun with the money you make.

Ensure safety equipment is in proper working order.  Replace batteries in smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and check fire extinguishers.  (This should be done twice a year. An easy way to remember is to change them when you change the clocks for daylight savings time.)

Take care of any insect issues.  Insects and critters can cause damage, so take preventative measures to ensure termites, insects, and other critters stay away from your home.

While this list is not exhaustive, we hope it will give you a good start to keeping your home in tip-top shape!  For more information, check out our resources below: 




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